Skiing Copper Mountain

Bob Atchley
Bob Atchley


Copper Mountain is my favorite place to ski in Colorado. I often go with my friend Tom Bache-Wiig, who is a ski guide there.  One day I was sitting in Jax restaurant at the base of the main hill, waiting for Tom to finish guiding. As I reflected on my experiences of the day's skiing and all the excitement and inspiring images, the tune for this song began to take shape in my mind. I grabbed a pencil and my notepad and began to jot down lyrics. In about twenty minutes, I had a good first draft. When I got home, I worked out the chord progression and rhythm. After polishing for a couple of months, I went down to Summit Road Studio in Parker and let Ed Edwards work his magic. I laid down a rhythm guitar track and then the vocal. I went home and a few days later the finished song appeared in my email in-box. Ed had added additional rhythm guitar, lead guitar, djembe, and background vocals. The finished song transports me back to the experiences I had that day every time I hear it. I hope it takes you to a nice place, too.

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