Hi and welcome to my website's blog.

In this blog I share my experience of making an "encore career" as a singer-songwriter and teacher of song-writng workshops.

To start, I write about how I chose this career and what I did to get myself to where I am now. I'm not sure what will come after that, but things that might come up are how songs come to me, how a particular song evolved, how audience responses have led me to change songs, or which comes first--title, lyrics, or music. I will also talk about my philosophy of teaching song writing, especially my belief that anyone can do it. I will also share some of my experiences teaching song writing.

Most of all I want this blog to be fun for me and for you. If along the way I can inform or inspire you, that is even better.

I will also occasionally respond to issues or questions you raise. Email your questions to me at bobatchley@hotmail.com. 

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