Yesterday at 7:30 am, I met photographer David Page and his assistant Elle for a photo shoot at the small and informal but visually rich railroad museum just off Valmont Rd in Boulder. It was cold, but I had a blast playing and singing on the platform of an old passenger car, while David took a copious number of pictures. I have never played for a camera before. The raw shots he showed me looked great, and I'm hoping to to have some decent photos to use in the website and for promotional material. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say.

After that, I went down to the Wildflower School of Voice in Boulder for my monthly teaching session with Rebecca Folsom. When I opened for Rebecca at a house concert in December of last year, I had a breakthrough. I came to the realization that for me the vocal is what leads. The guitar, backup singers, and other instruments serve the vocal. That means that once I establish the rhythm for the song, I can lay in guitar as highlights and let the vocal carry the song. This works well for me, but it's another reason I have to be really good friends with the song. So in my session yesterday, I played one of my fast blues songs, Better Get Packin', and this approach worked extremely well. It was like dancing with myself. It also makes the performance much more dynamic.

I am very aware of how far I have come over just the past year. Not that I don't still have a lot of room for improvement, but I'm approaching a "really good" level of performance, and that is EXTREMELY satisfying. I don't feel like I'm pushing myself. I just keep playing, singing, listening to feedback and writing songs and improvement happens. Always.

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