Here I am in Windsor, England. For the past couple of weeks, I have been preparing a speech/singing program I've been invited to do for an international conference on Spirituality and Aging, which is being held in a very old conference center in the Great Park, which is adjacent to Windsor Castle. I'll write more later about how the gig goes.

On the plane over (long, bumpy 9-hr flight, no sleep) I talked with my seat-mate Rick Moody, a friend who is very involved in something called "Positive Aging." Rick has been following my emerging new career as a singer-songwriter and has seen me perform a few times. Sharing with Rick the purposes of my new career and what I offer not only updated a good friend about what has been going on with me, but it is good marketing strategy. Rick has lots of connections, and if he runs across someone who wants someone to open a house concert, put live music into a professional conference, or introduce people to song-writing, he will probably recommend me. 

I have lots of friends in the gerontology world, where I worked for 40 years, and many of them are fans of my music. I've had more success marketing my music through this network than any other strategy I've tried. I'm glad I didn't make the mistake of assuming that my gerontology friends wouldn't be interested in my music. The thing is, they KNOW me, so that predisposes them to give the music a listen.

How about that!

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