On Wednesday I went down to Parker to Summit Road Studio to record some new tracks and talk about my next album. I've decided to go for ten songs--five original songs and five covers. Early on I had a big backlog of original songs that I wanted to get out there. Now I want to go back to some of my favorite cover songs (songs someone else wrote, but that I perform in my own style). 

I'm working with Ed Edwards again. Ed is a master of many aspects of music creation, arranging, and recording and a wonderful collaborator (he plays lead guitar, does backup vocal harmonies, and plays the Djembe drum on my songs). He really "gets" what I'm trying to do in my songs, and his contributions create musical "frames" for my songs, which in themselves are usually quite simple. The day I met Ed was the single most important turning point in my recording career. We are ideally suited to partner up on my projects.

This session was devoted to my performing several of the songs I am considering for the album and getting Ed's feedback, recording a "scratch tape" of Stand By Me so Ed can work on the musical arrangement, and next time I will do the final vocal. I also laid down my basic rhythm guitar part and vocal for Ghost Riders in the Sky and for an old J.J. Cale song called They Call Me the Breeze. I'm always amazed at how much I'm energized by this process. But when it's over I sometimes wonder how I'm going the scare up the energy to make the hour-long drive home. Usually with the help of a strong cup of coffee.

I keep coming back to music over and over because it raises my spirits and energy. I bet it does that for you, too. What's your experience with music and spirits and energy? I'd like to hear from you about that.

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