Hi, All,

Sorry I've been away so long. First, I've been busy playing gigs and promoting the new album, All Aboard. Sales have gone so well that I have had to reorder CDs. That's a good sign. The album is now available through iTunes and Amazon. iTunes has the best and longest samplings of the songs.

In October, I played a short gig at the biennial conference of Sage-ing International at a retreat center just east of Asheville, North Carolina. The audience was large and enthusiastic. The sage-ing idea is all about being open to the wisdom that can come with a lot of life experience. It's an unbelievably positive experience to entertain a group of people who are genuinely open to whatever you bring them. 

Second, I've been doing a lot of work for Organize for America--the Obama campaign. I mostly did data entry--a tedious job but vital to the canvassing and voter turnout effort. I also did some canvassing, most by phone. It was a long and tense election campaign, and I've also signed on to help with next steps. It was inspiring to see how Barack treated us volunteers. We felt genuinely acknowledged and appreciated EVERY step of the way. Of course, there were many priceless and funny stories told at the campaign office, not to mention some wonderful food brought in by supporters. The core staff of the office were an amazingly positive goup of can-do young adults who gave me great hope for the future of American politics. It was all about doing good for the American people. These experiences really drove home for me the President's point in his victory speech when he said that those who participate in the self-government process are fulfilling their civic responsibilities in a tangible way, regardless of their political persuasion.

Next time, I'll get back to the experience of life as a singer-songwriter.

Bye for now.

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