Hi, All,

Ok, so you may have read my rant about how much I need to practice to perform with confidence. At this point I have a list of songs that I have performed that numbers about 50. How could I possibly practice all those songs ten times every week? I couldn't. 

I always seem to be preparing for a gig, a recording session, or a performance workshop, so I practice the songs that I will need to be "up" on in the near future (to extent that I can predict the future).

I've been working on a new CD, which involves ten songs--five originals and five covers. I have been practicing these ten songs every day for about a month and am reasonably ready to perform them at any time.

I also have a Performance Workshop coming up soon and need to prepare a couple of songs for that, so those go on the daily list.

Yesterday I got a call asking me to do a one-hour gig on a week from Saturday. This will partly be a sing-along, so I have to add about six songs to my daily practice list for the next week. The good news is that these are all great songs that are fun to play. For example, I'm going to do Buddy Holly's Every Day, which is about as easy to learn as you can get. I'll also be doing a bunch of cowboy songs that I've been singing since I was a teenager (somewhere near the dawn of recorded time). 

For some reason, I'm not worried about all this. It still seems well within my capacity. Maybe my capacity is increasing. Wouldn't that be nice.

You all take care and remember that I want to hear from you.



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