Hi, All,

I can't believe it's been so long since my last post. Sorry.

Right after my last entry, the Art of Vocal Freedom workshopers put on a marvelous Singer-Songwriter Showcase at the Friends Meetinghouse in Boulder, Colorado. There were 9 of us, each of us did two songs, and each delivered his or her best performance yet.

One of the great things about showcases like this is that the audience comes specifically to hear you, not to socialize during the music. Because most of the people know at least one of the performers, they are very open to enjoying what they hear. In short, this is a warm and fuzzy group. I posted some photos of this show in my photo gallery today. You can tell by looking that we were having a good time.

Maintaining a balance of songwriting, practicing, performing, recording, and outreach has been difficult. There is no piece of this that can be put on the back burner for long. Parkinson's Law of the singer-songwriter life (according to Bob Atchley) says that any of these elements can expand to occupy 125% of your available time. So a good bit of self-discipline is required to allocate precious time to each of the core elements to maintain the synergy among them. You've got to love it. Fortunately, I do.

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