Hi, All,

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers. I was raised by my mother's mother, so you might say that I had the benefit of two mothers, which I consider a great blessing. My father left when I was an infant, so my 70-year-old grandmother traveled by train across the country to take care of me while my mother worked. (The story of this is the basis for my song Robbie.)

Whatever good qualities I have today can be traced back to these two amazing women. Even though we were a nomadic little family that moved every few months and lived in several states by the time my grandmother died when I was nine, I was given a strong sense of the family I descended from. My grandmother's favorite way to get me to sleep was to rub my back while she told me stories about our family. The details of those stories were not as important as the sense that we were strong people who could cope with whatever life brought. We could also be joyful. My grandmother gave birth to 13 children, and when she came to live with us only three of them were still living. But she could dance a mean jig, despite her arthritis, and occasionally play her small fretless banjo.

Probably the greatest gift I received from my mother was that despite my many shortcomings--I was a kid after all--she praised my good points and solidly believed that I would "amont to something." I survived in part by remembering her belief until I could get the experience needed to have belief in myself. Thank you Mom.

So if you love your kids and they know it; if you believe in your kids and they know it; and if you hug your kids no matter how old they are--you are one of the most important people in the world.

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