On Wednesday I went down to Summit Road Studio to record two more songs for my upcoming album. I've decided to call the album All Aboard! and use a picture that's in my photo gallery for the cover. Can you guess which one?

Working with a guitar track Ed Edwards had laid down, I did the vocal for Stand By Me, a wonderful Ben E. King classic with a lot of soul. Then I did the rhythm track for Already Gone, another classic made popular by the Eagles. As usually happens, my version is a lot more laid back than theirs. Then I did the vocal pretty much in one take. I love it when that happens. I made a couple of mistakes which we were able to fix in less than five minutes. The current recording technology is amazing in its capacity to correct errors without having to go back to square one. Of course, it helps that Ed is a Pro Tools wizard.

Earlier I had recorded a vocal for Better Get Packin', a song about a guy who's fed up with his life and want's to run away from it all. Have you ever felt that way? Ed had developed incredibly good blues guitar to accompany the song, but I wasn't happy with the upbeat way I sang it the first time around, so I redid the vocal coming at it from a softer, more conspiratorial style. I was really "feeling it" and it shows in the new vocal. 

The last of the ten songs for the album is You Can Tell Me Your Secrets, a song about how self-disclosure can create bonds of trust in a relationship. Like most of my love songs, it is based on my relationship with Sheila, and we have performed it together a couple of times, with her singing along on the chorus.

You can tell me your secrets, and I can tell you mine

The trust this creates keeps us going just fine

We're walking this road together, it's a mighty good time.

We'll be going to the studio in June to record it together. This will be Sheila's first experience in a recording studio, but I doubt that she'll be intimidated.

Then will come a lot of work for Ed--mixing and mastering. I'm hoping the album will be out by September. Stay tuned.

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