Hi, All,

I had a great time in England. The conference I went there to attend was terrific, attended by a mix of scholars from the UK and the US. I shared a little of my music and several people asked for copies of lyrics, always a good sign.

The primary purpose of the conference was to develop a book about spirituality and aging that could jump-start the study of the subject around the world--a worthy goal, indeed. My job was to provide an overview of spirituality as a field of study as well as a field of personal exploration and how these topics intersect with aging, especially in the inner psychological world of the individual. In the process, I used lyrics from several of my songs --Pay Close Attention, Long-time Love, The Journey, We're Awake, and When We Come Home. So, even though I consider my academic writing a separate thing from my music, they bleed together in constructive ways, and I'm happy with that. Life is a whole thing, after all.

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