When my grandson Benjamin was born two years and four months ago, I was able to be there. I had been in Atlanta at a convention, and had scheduled to come home to Denver through Cincinnati on the off chance that Benji would come on his due date. He was delivered at home after a grueling 30-hour labor, but the baby and his mother Melissa were well. As I held the four-hour-old baby, I could hear him singing as he breathed. It was a sweet little two-note song. I got my guitar and found the notes. Over the next day, I built an instrumental song (so far) around his singing. He was a deep red and had lots of dark hair, which suggested a Native American motif for the song. So between a riff built around his song, there is a "chorus" that suggests Indian drumbeats.

Every time I play this song or hear my recording of it, I am powerfully transported back to that experience. This is how song writing can actually document your life's experience and be a powerful anchor for memory.

Benjamin's Song is on my Life Lessons album. If you want to hear a sample go to www.amazon.com/mp3, type Bob Atchley into the search box, then click on Benjamin's Song.

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